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11 reasons for investing in eastern Serbia

The closest neighbor of the EU and 330km from the border with the EU
Skilled and adaptable workforce with competitive labor costs
Extensive interventions are in progress to improve the transport infrastructure in the region
Large offer of locations for greenfield and brownfield investments at more than competitive prices
A large number of potential local suppliers
Numerous examples of successful investments
Quality business environment with excellent incentives from the state
Foreign trade of the region (import-export) doubled in the last 5 years
Preserved environment and significant natural resources
Dedicated local self-government that sees investors, above all, as partners
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Eastern Serbia

Eastern Serbia is located on the main roads of Eastern Serbia and is well connected with the main European corridors: "Corridor 10" (highways to Paracin or Nis) and "Corridor 4" through the border crossing with Bulgaria "Vrska Cuka" and the crossing over Iron Gate on the Danube. The region also has one of the most important ports in Serbia - Prahovo on the Danube, and in the immediate vicinity are the ports of Turn Severin (Romania) and Vidin (Bulgaria).

Railway traffic has also been developed, both passenger and freight traffic. The main routes are Nis - Zajecar - Prahovo and Zajecar-Bor-Majdanpek-Mala Krsna. Almost all railway stations have an industrial track, so that a good part of industrial goods and agricultural products are transported by rail.

As far as air traffic is concerned, the airport in Nis (60 km from the center of the southernmost municipality of Knjazevac) is in the immediate vicinity, as well as the airport in Craiova (Romania), which is about 130 km far from Negotin and Kladovo. The airports in Belgrade, Sofia (Bulgaria) and Skopje (Northern Macedonia) are less than 300 km away. Bor Airport has a permit from the Directorate of Civil Aviation for sports flights. Activities are currently underway to introduce the airport into civil traffic for night, charter, regional and international flights.

The development of the Spatial Plan for Gas Pipelines of Eastern Serbia is underway, which aims to build main and distribution gas pipelines, which should cover the direction from Paraćin to Boljevac, Zaječar, Bor, Negotin, Knjaževac, Svrljig and Niš, in order to enable the gasification of Bor, Zaječar, Knjaževac, Negotin and Prahovo.

Eastern Serbia is a region of diversity. For example, on the same day you can:

  • go fishing or sailing on the Danube, relax in one of the spas or ski on one of the ski resorts
  • To come down from 2,169 m above sea level on Stara planina (Knjaževac) in a couple of hours almost at sea level in the Negotin lowland (Negotin)

The mail characteristics of Serbia are untouched nature and great natural potentials:

  • Rivers: the Danube, the Black and White Timok, the Pek…
  • Spas and thermo-mineral waters: Sokobanja, Brestovačka Banja spa, Gamzigradska Banja spa and thermo-mineral springs with excellent potentials in Nikoličevo and Rgošte…
  • Artificial lakes and reservoirs: Đerdap, Bovan, Grliško, Rgotsko and Sovinac.
  • Mines: copper (Bor and Majdanpek), anthracite, coal ...
  • Protected natural areas: Đerdap National Park, Stara Planina Nature Park
  • Unpolluted soil, water and air

More information about the tourist attractions of the region can be found on



All investment routes lead to Serbia. Serbia connects east and west. Its important position in the heart of Southeast Europe makes it an exceptional investment destination.

Together with the initiated economic reforms, Serbia has positioned itself as one of the most important investment destinations in Central and Eastern Europe.

The advantages of doing business in Serbia are:

  • Competitive tax rates - VAT, Income Tax, etc. are among the lowest in Europe.
  • Restructured and stable financial system.
  • Simple procedures for founding and registering a company.
  • Simple procedures for performing foreign trade business and realization of investments.
  • Free market access of over 1.1 billion consumers. Externally, Serbia can serve as a production center for duty-free exports to a market of more than 1 billion people, which includes the European Union, the Russian Federation, the United States, Kazakhstan, Turkey, CEFTA countries - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia and UNMIK / Kosovo, members of the Free Trade Agreement with the EFTA countries - Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and the agreement with Belarus.
  • Quality business environment in Serbia with a system of incentives provided by the state.

Business support

In Serbia, there is a state system of incentives for investments and private business. The Government of the Republic of Serbia provides various types of financial and non-financial support to potential and existing economic entities. In addition to the benefits provided by law, various types of support are available to businesses through programs of the following institutions: 

 For available incentives and support measures, visit the websites of these institutions.

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