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Eastern Serbia

Stara planina

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Eastern Serbia


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Eastern Serbia

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Eastern Serbia



1. The closest neighbor of the EU and 330km from the border with the EU

2. Skilled and adaptable workforce with competitive labor costs

3. Extensive interventions are in progress to improve the transport infrastructure in the region

4. Large offer of locations for greenfield and brownfield investments at more than competitive prices

5. A large number of potential local suppliers


6. Numerous examples of successful investments

7. Quality business environment with excellent incentives from the state

8. Foreign trade of the region (import-export) doubled in the last 5 years

9. Preserved environment and significant natural resources

10. Dedicated local self-government that sees investors, above all, as partners

11. RARIS - your professional partner


Eastern Serbia is located on the main roads of Eastern Serbia and is well connected with the main European corridors. The region also has one of the most important ports in Serbia - Prahovo on the Danube, and in the immediate vicinity are the ports of Turn Severin (Romania) and Vidin (Bulgaria).

Our Location

In the period from 2015 to 2019, the total exports of the region of Eastern Serbia more than doubled and had a fairly even growth.

Key facts

Local authorities in Eastern Serbia are extremely helpful and willing to help develop the economy. Each municipality has developed its own system of incentives in accordance with its competencies and priorities.

Municipalities and cities

The aim of RARIS is to support development initiatives based on institutional connections and partnerships that lead to the sustainable development of Eastern Serbia. RARIS has exceptional cooperation with several Ministries, domestic institutions and organizations.

RARIS - Your reliable partner

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